Then the thousands of small drop
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LCD channel in June 19th, the appearance of the use of shiny bright piano paint process, attractive high brightness and gloss panel will make it the main focus of all living space. Simple geometric design cleverly combined with a straight line and curve, the shape of a thin 16.5mm. The unique three-dimensional circular base design, the use of exclusive Ergo-Fit ASUS technology, can easily adjust the tilt angle of the fuselage. On the back board is detailed and graceful, like the wavy contour lines, the use of shining blue sapphire blue coating, making the machine more beautiful and moving. In addition, not only has the super beautiful appearance, and into a more humanized s, can achieve dual display via HDMI or VGA cable connection, doubling the efficiency, let your entertainment office two! At present, the picture frame LCD small drop 20 yuan, interested friends to pay attention to it.

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